Health & Human Development

Units 3 & 4 Orientation

Unit 3: Nutrition, health and development

AOS1: Understanding Australian’s health

AOS2: Promoting health in Australia

Unit 4: Global health and development

AOS1: Development across the lifespan

AOS2: Promoting health and development globally

Preparation/Holiday Homework

  • Read defining health p.3-5 Smith
  • Copy into your notes the WHO 1946 definition of health
  • Create your own definition of health
  • In your notes define the concept of health status p.5 Smith
  • Read p.31-32 Smith and define determinants of health
  • Read and summarise health care services as a determinant p.32 Smith
  • Read and summarise biomedical factors as a determinant p.32-6 Smith
  • Read and summarise lifestyle and behaviours as a determinant p.36-47 Smith
  • Read and summarise knowledge, attitudes & beliefs as a determinant p.43-45 Smith
  • Read and summarise environmental determinants of health p.47 Smith
  • Read and summarise social determinants of health p.48-53 Smith
  • Read measuring health status p.6-15 Smith, Try to become familiar with some of the terms, maybe start a glossary.
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